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Save $$$ in supplements – and save your life!

How much do you spend each week in supplements? What if I could save you that money each month? What I have learned after 15 years of being a naturopathic doctor will shock you. I do not recommend supplements. In fact, I recommend you mostly stay away from them. Today, after all of my training, I am investing my efforts in showing you how to eat properly to best protect your health and live a healthy life full of vitality.

I do recommend some energetic remedies and homeopathics, but I am strongly recommending you avoid particularly multivitamins and nutritional supplementation. Why? Because if you get the food right (not that hard to do!), you don’t need the vitamins. Also, you can’t truly make up for an inadequate diet, or the wrong foods, with vitamins. In addition, I am deeply concerned about the side effects of taking in these supplements, many of which are now produced in China, and are simply isolates separate from the true food and often synthetic in nature.

Do you know the immune suppressive effects of fish oil? Are you aware that some people ended up with higher incidents of cancer from taking a beta carotene supplement? Did you read the study that revealed concerns about taking high doses of Vitamin D daily? Can any of your supplement companies tell you for sure that there are no long term side effects of creating imbalances in the body with their synthetic isolate supplements and vitamins?

I will be doing more detailed teaching about the unfortunate unanticipated and unknown effects of taking supplements and the advantages of allowing many of them to go by the wayside! If you would like to know more, please join me for my 21 Day Detox program beginning on Tuesday, January 24th at 5pm Pacific. I will be sharing the very latest information I have on diet and supplementation and I believe it will both shock and empower you. Hurry, there is still a very short time left to register! Register here! 


Please join me for this incredible program  that will give you plenty of vitality, reduce inflammation and make you excited about eating yummy delicious healthy food again! REGISTER NOW! 

* No juicing required!* *No Green Smoothies required.* *Cutting through the BS info out there*


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Energetic Exercises

Sacred Geometric Exercises for lifting Cosmic Consciousness
Over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing some channelled energy exercises. These are designed to help you to heal yourself (where the true healing comes from), to clear your field and raise your energy field. You can apply some of these sacred geometric constructs I will be talking about to any issue you field called to.
The first energy exercises uses something I saw in meditation as a vehicle for healing, which is a Flower Of Life Sphere. Basically, a 3 dimensional (or multi-dimensional….?) version of that sacred energy pattern. You can skip the initial personal clearing if you want to, but it will potentiate any of the exercises I will be sharing with you. I would love to hear your feedback upon doing the clearing, so please leave me a comment below! Happy balancing!
Initial personal clearing and setting the stage:
2nd chakra
 1 – Smudge your home or office or do another form of intentional clearing of your surroundings.
2 – You may want to apply an essential oil, such as myrrh, sacred frankincense or rose or another high vibrational oil.
3 – Call down your silver cord from the universe. This is your connection to the etheric world. Ask to receive your universal silver cord and feel it place itself around the area of your crown chakra. Breathe in and out deeply and relax. You may feel a perceptible life in energy.
4 – Close your eyes and visualize your 2nd chakra in your body. At the back location of the 2nd chakra on your body, imagine an energetic cord begin to flow out from your body. Does this cord have any color? Give it a color. What size is it? Give it a diameter size, small or large. Now see it begin to flow out from your body and go towards the floor. It goes through the floor, into the earth, through all the incredible layers of the earth and eventually connects with a sacred construct called the earth core crystal.
5 – Ask for the presence of your guides and Guardian Angels.
6 – Invoke and welcome the presence of Metatron. Metatron is one of the very powerful angels around us here to assist us in our evolving consciousness.
7 – For physical healing, welcome the presence of Raphael.
 Energetic Exercise 1
1 – Flower of Life Sphere – the flower of life sphere is for regenerating your life force and healing from physical ailments, particularly chronic ones. First see the flower of life pattern, as shown here:
flower of life
Then, see it as a sphere, like this:
 Flower of Life Sphere
Next, imagine it spinning to the right and above and to the right of your energy field. Feel the energy of the sphere. Now, ask the sphere to move if you would like it to move anywhere within your field and see it move. Now, imagine a color for your sphere. Here are some common high vibrational colors: emerald, magenta, violet, indigo.
Keep the sphere spinning as you begin to meditate on what you want to create or clear.
If this is a physical illness or physical symptoms, begin to take the sphere into the area of concern. If it is an overall illness, you can begin to run the sphere into several different places, like this.
Endocrine System Tune-Up with Flower of Life Sphere
 Run the sphere by imagine it can pass into the body and it will spin in the particular organ or gland for the amount of time necessary. It will stop spinning when the cycle is complete.
Run the sphere in the pineal gland – the recommended color to hold in the sphere is white.
Run the sphere in the thyroid – the recommended color to hold in the sphere is ruby red.
Run the sphere in the adrenal (see the sphere split in two and then merge back together at the end) – the recommended color to hold in the sphere is sapphire blue.
Run the sphere in the digestive/abdominal area – the recommended color to hold in the sphere is golden yellow.
Run the sphere in the pancreatic area and then run it in the gallbladder area  – the recommended color to hold is emerald green.
Run the sphere over the DNA. A representation of the DNA is here for you to hold in your mind’s eye. The sphere is clearing the DNA mutations or errors related to the autoimmune condition.
 Once the sphere has been run through all the organs and glands, ask if there is any other place that the sphere needs to go.
Has this process been helpful or intriguing? I am presenting a free webinar doing a live guided meditation with more details and explanation of the process on Friday, January 20th at 10am Pacific. If you would like to attend, please register here: Sacred Geometric Clearing with Dr. Ariel on Friday, January 20th 
You may feel that the sphere wants to run in a spiral motion, such as this:
You can ask the sphere to clear an underlying infection, an inflamed gut, an emotional issue or anything else.
When you are complete see the sphere float to the upper part of your energy field, right above your body. Ask if it is complete. If so, allow the sphere to begin to enlarge and take up your entire body. People often experience a warm, comforting feeling like the warmth of the sun. You may want to see the sphere as an orange sphere. Now allow the sphere to get as big as the room and then as big as the earth and then allow it to dissolve. You may feel the urge to do a big exhalation like a yogi bellow’s breath exhalation.
Has this process been helpful or intriguing? I am presenting a free webinar doing a live guided meditation with more details and explanation of the process on Friday, January 20th at 10am Pacific. If you would like to attend, please register here: Sacred Geometric Clearing with Dr. Ariel on Friday, January 20th 

Because you are moving energy quite a bit, try lying in Savasana (corpse position) for 3-5 minutes after this energy meditation.
Drink at least 8 ounces of fresh spring or other purified water within 30 minutes. After this, spend at least 5 minutes outdoors! Enjoy and observe the balance and vitality created from this process.
Has this process been helpful or intriguing? I am presenting a free webinar doing a live guided meditation with more details and explanation of the process on Friday, January 20th at 10am Pacific. If you would like to attend, please register here: Sacred Geometric Clearing with Dr. Ariel on Friday, January 20th 

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Join my 21-Day Detox!


chopped salad

Come detox with us! Would you like to:

  • Heal your digestion?
  • Cleanse your liver?
  • Clear your lymphatics and feel better?
  • And….reintroduce foods you did not think you could eat before this detox?

beet carrot juice


Do you enjoy:

  • Delicious recipes
  • Feeling more mental clarity
  • Releasing a few extra pounds!

If so, join me for my 21-Day Detox!

Spicy Red Lentil Soup

My 21-Day Detox includes:

  • Outline of Detox and Daily recommended schedule
  • Recipe book for your program (Delicious breakfasts, lunch and dinners. All plant-based. Green juices, green smoothies and warm broth and soup recipes perfect for winter weather).
  • Foods to enjoy explained (plant-based, oil-free and super yum).
  • Optimal foods to eat for the season.
  • Custom Libraries for your Genius for your Detox! Use them each day and create an energetic AND physical detox!
  • Liver cleanse strategies
  • How to re-set your digestive fire
  • Heal your gut lining with ancient secrets like “kitchari” and more!
  • Use anti-inflammatory herbs in your food guide!
  • Lymphatic cleanse instructions
  • Learn how to reclaim foods into your food plan with a HEALTHY, restored digestion (stop eliminating everything!)
  • How to use beets to thin your bile and support methylation
  • 3 live support and educational classes, all recorded and sent to you. Learn to why salt and fat absolutely choke your vessels, why you may have heart disease and not know it and why you MUST take steps to heal it today!
  • Energy medicine is great for healing the body but it MUST be laid down on a firm foundation of plant-based nutrition. I will explain WHY!
  • Unlimited e-mail questions


Answers to your questions here:

  • Do I need to take or buy supplements? No, this is mainly a food-based cleanse with the exception of some hot/cold treatments, optional castor oil treatments and optional coffee enemas (NOT required).
  • Do I need to fast? No. You do NOT. Eat during the entire program.
  • Is this really a detox with such delicious foods? Yes, removing sugar, added salt, processed foods and dairy can result in a powerful detox and healing of the gut, liver and lymphatics!
  • Can I eat meat or dairy? Your program for 21 days does not include meat or dairy.
  • Will I feel different after the cleanse? Yes! You will shine from the inside out!
  • Do the recipes take lots of time? They are fast to prepare and there are lots of options you can pick up from your local health food store.
  • Are the classes recorded? Yes, they are!
  • Is there a discount if I get a friend to join me? Yes, take 10% off your cleanse?
  • How much is it? Register before January 19th for a DISCOUNT! See below.
  • Total for your Cleanse: $247. Save $150 before January 19th.
  • Cleanse begins on Tuesday, January 24th at 4pm Pacific and are recorded and sent t you the very next day.
  • Register NOW to reserve your space in the 21 Day Detox!
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Master methylation and Thrive!

Master Methylation!
Master Methylation!

You may have heard about a process that takes place in the body called “methylation.” Somewhere in there, you may have perceived that this is an important process that needs quite a bit of support and proper nutrition in order to maintain proper function in the body. While that is correct, exactly what is the process of methylation? Why is it important? Could it make a difference in your life to learn about it and to even do genetic testing to learn about any possible interruptions to optimal methylation in your body? It is very likely that learning more about this important and far reaching process could have a profound impact on your health and on your longevity!

Does the pathway listed below fascinate you? It’s not as daunting as it looks. You CAN understand this and learn why this is such POWERFUL information!

Methylation is the main way that we process many necessary reactions in the body.

Poor methylation can result in the following:

  • Low production of glutathione, one of the most important antioxidants in the body. Glutathione greatly assists with detoxification in the body and is considered the master antioxidant in the body.
  • Low production of biopterin, leading to low neurotransmitters and depressed or altered mood.
  • Increased amounts of ammonia in the body due to problems with the BH4 pathway. Ammonia can affect the health of your entire body. Learn how to correct this imbalance.
  • Deficiencies in your methylation can result in increased amounts of peroxynitrite and superoxide.
  • Decreased production of nitric oxide in your body, which is important for healthy circulation and cardiovascular health and Alzheimer’s prevention.
  • Low ability to absorb or use folic acid affecting one’s ability to healthfully product hormones and mood chemicals.
Powerful Glutathione
Powerful Glutathione

It isn’t that difficult to understand and use this powerful information about detoxification. hormonal production and more. You should only try to learn about methylation if you want to do the following:

  • Protect your DNA from damage.
  • Protect your vessels from free radical damage.
  • Create healthy hormones.
  • Have balanced brain chemicals (called neurotransmitters).
  • Be protected more from heavy metal toxic exposures.
  • Begin to understand the very best nutrition for yourself.
  • Slow the process of aging, look younger and enhance your longevity.
Personalized Medicine
Personalized Medicine

Join this 2 Part class and master methylation!

What is included in this 2-part live class?

  • 2 Live classes with Dr. Ariel Policano with a Q&A time as well.
  • Invitation to get your genetics analyzed along with a separate interpretation of your SNP’s from Strategene (these reports not included but can be purchased from the respective companies and can get a brief interpretation during the 30 minute consult with Ariel).
  • Free 30 minute consultation with Dr. Ariel.
  • Learn how stress and infections greatly affect your ability to methylate! Learn if you might have genetic changes in your DNA that make you less able to properly detoxify these from your body.
  • Learn the basic functions of methylation and understand the basic components on the methylation table.
  • Learn about the homocysteine pathway and how to reduce inflammation in your body.
  • Learn about the biopterin pathway and know how to improve your brain chemistry.
  • Get powerful Custom Libraries for your Genius that test points in the methylation pathways and help you to balance for optimal function.
  • Learn at least 3 balancing sequences for your Genius to harmonize your DNA, Chromosomes, inherited changes in your DNA called SNP’s.
  • Learn why beets may be the most powerful vegetable you eat to support methylation (this is why the beet powder craze is growing!)
  • Get real food recipes to support methylation in your body.
  • Learn how to get your DNA analyzed and better understand your SNP’s by a very special report.
  • Get to know the difference between folic acid, methyl folate and folinic acid and which one is best for you.
  • Understand more about SAM-e, one of the most powerful methylators in the body.
  • Be clear about the very best form of B12 for you – Methylated B12 vs. Hydroxycobalamin vs. Cyanocobalamin and more.
  • Understand the uses of glutathione as a supplement and which one is best to take.

Join this 2 Part class and master methylation!

Regularly $249, this class is on a very special offer for just $97 until January 15th!

Class begins in Tuesday, January 24th at 4pm Pacific! Be a part of this exciting class! Be with us LIVE and have the opportunity to ask questions. Get a powerful 30 minute session with Dr. Ariel to ask ANY questions you currently have about your health! Join this 2 Part class and master methylation!

Join this 2 Part class and master methylation!

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How salt can affect your heart

Salt and its effect on the heart

We all know that getting refined sugar out of the diet is an important step to good health, but what about salt? It turns out that salt can be just as much a threat to good health but for different reasons.

Is it just table salt?

I am talking about all salt, including sea salt. Sea salt is still primarily sodium chloride with a few extra minerals in very small amounts included in sea salt. However, if you are talking about adding a small amount of true Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt to your food, this can be possibly ok under certain circumstances.

Salt and the Heart

The most important step is to eliminate processed foods that have sodium built into the product! So, check the labels, and yes, this means even the labels of prepared “health” foods or “natural foods”. Food companies are keenly aware that there are 3 ingredients that will surely induce you to purchase more and more of their product. They are sugar, fat…and salt.

Can you imagine doing a “salt detox”? That would mean removing the majority of processed foods from your diet for about 21 days. Instead, create your own meals from vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds and other foods. Here are the reasons why this is so important as well as the benefits you are likely to experience from this!

Lowering salt helps your circulation to open up and perform better! Studies have shown that reducing your salt intake by as little as 1/2 teaspoon per day can significantly improve the functioning of your blood vessels. This means you can exercise and perform better and your circulation around your body is more efficient. The real secret to longevity is caring and preserving good circulation. I have talked about this with regard to the Bemer mat in the past. If you can use lifestyle changes to improve the quality of your circulation, it is absolutely worth the time to do it!

To give this more meaning, the inverse is also true. When you eat a high salt diet, you also decrease your vascular function. And it actually happens very quickly. The effects on circulation can take place within hours of eating the meal!

Salt and the Heart

Why are vessels so adversely affected by salt?

It is because of the suppression of SuperOxideDismutase. This precious enzyme assists in the protection of our vessels. In fact, it can detoxify free radicals 1 million times per second! You see, the true damage to arteries comes not from cholesterol directly, but it is due to free radical damage that can come into contact and affect cholesterol that is deposited in the vessels. When this takes place, it becomes much more dangerous. It is the exposure to free radicals, as in this very uncanny way from salt, that is where we need to be careful.

We need to be extra mindful about the consumption of sodium. While it is perfectly great to get naturally occurring sodium in vegetables such as celery and tomatoes, and you might crave these vegetables in order to get that sodium. The real issue has been the food industry just infusing massive amounts of salt into practically any processed food that you may see on the shelves. Imagine the cumulative effect over a lifetime of eating even what we consider to be truly “health oriented” foods like Annie’s Soup or Pacific Foods soup or other prepared foods like these. These food companies all add soup as the easiest and cheapest way for you to consider that the food you are eating is good in taste.

The more salt, the less nitric oxide is produced. Sodium stiffens the arteries within minutes. The more salt, the more the arteries stiffen! The opposite effects are true with the consumption of potassium. Take everything we just said about sodium and flip it around! Potassium helps to relax vessels. Potassium, of course, is quite rich in most fruits as well as some vegetables. Some of the highest fruits and veggies in potassium include dark leafy greens, potatoes, squash, avocados, mushrooms and bananas!

To put a fine point on the need for a “salt” or “sodium” detox, there is evidence that lower salt consumption can lead to fewer heart attacks. You might wonder why this isn’t on the lead page of every health site and every news site online! It is because of the power of the food industry and its representative, the food lobby.

How much salt SHOULD you consume per day?

A good number to start with is anywhere from 1500mg to 2300mg total for the day. It is a bit difficult to track in all of your unprocessed foods but much easier in anything that comes with a label. When you begin to track your sodium, you will discover very quickly how it adds up.

I had been a big fan of Wildwood Sprouted Tofu which comes as baked toful as one of my main protein sources (These days I eat much less dense protein but that is a discussion for a different article) and it is absolutely laden with sodium, as much as 500-700mg per serving depending on the type of prepared baked tofu.

I also have concerns about the new exogenous ketone supplements. Some of these have 1300mg of sodium per package. Part of the reason they do is because people will tend to lose sodium when they are in ketosis. But what if that person does not achieve ketosis? Then they are seriously impairing their vessels for an outcome which is iffy at best from what I can tell. I would avoid these ketone supplements if you are concerned about sodium.

75% of dietary foods comes from processed foods. Remember that bread can also be a very high source of sodium laden food! Increase vegetables, fruit, beans and whole grains. For starches, instead of bread (unless you bake it yourself), consider delicious Yukon potatoes, butternut squash or yams or sweet potatoes. See if you can come out of your grocery or health food store with little or no packaged foods! It is an amazing and fun challenge. You CAN do it! And it is worth it.

In fact, it is SO worth it that researchers of a study about sodium consumption recently concluded that, “reducing dietary salt by 3g per day is projected to reduce the annual number of new cases of heart disease by approximately 60,000-120,000, stroke by 32,000-66,000 and myocardial infarction by 54,000 -99,000 and to reduce the annual number of deaths from any cause by 44,000-92,000. These are stunning statistics for the U.S. for doing just one thing: reducing sodium.

EnJOY a salt detox and get the benefits of healthy and happy circulation! It isn’t meant to completely eliminate salt from your diet. By all means, if you crave a pinch of sea salt, please enjoy it. When you eat a healthy plant-powered diet according to the foods you are craving, you will get all the sodium you need. And it will be well balanced with naturally occurring potassium in the foods!


Important research that this article was based on:

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