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How salt can affect your heart

Salt and its effect on the heart

We all know that getting refined sugar out of the diet is an important step to good health, but what about salt? It turns out that salt can be just as much a threat to good health but for different reasons.

Is it just table salt?

I am talking about all salt, including sea salt. Sea salt is still primarily sodium chloride with a few extra minerals in very small amounts included in sea salt. However, if you are talking about adding a small amount of true Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt to your food, this can be possibly ok under certain circumstances.

Salt and the Heart

The most important step is to eliminate processed foods that have sodium built into the product! So, check the labels, and yes, this means even the labels of prepared “health” foods or “natural foods”. Food companies are keenly aware that there are 3 ingredients that will surely induce you to purchase more and more of their product. They are sugar, fat…and salt.

Can you imagine doing a “salt detox”? That would mean removing the majority of processed foods from your diet for about 21 days. Instead, create your own meals from vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds and other foods. Here are the reasons why this is so important as well as the benefits you are likely to experience from this!

Lowering salt helps your circulation to open up and perform better! Studies have shown that reducing your salt intake by as little as 1/2 teaspoon per day can significantly improve the functioning of your blood vessels. This means you can exercise and perform better and your circulation around your body is more efficient. The real secret to longevity is caring and preserving good circulation. I have talked about this with regard to the Bemer mat in the past. If you can use lifestyle changes to improve the quality of your circulation, it is absolutely worth the time to do it!

To give this more meaning, the inverse is also true. When you eat a high salt diet, you also decrease your vascular function. And it actually happens very quickly. The effects on circulation can take place within hours of eating the meal!

Salt and the Heart

Why are vessels so adversely affected by salt?

It is because of the suppression of SuperOxideDismutase. This precious enzyme assists in the protection of our vessels. In fact, it can detoxify free radicals 1 million times per second! You see, the true damage to arteries comes not from cholesterol directly, but it is due to free radical damage that can come into contact and affect cholesterol that is deposited in the vessels. When this takes place, it becomes much more dangerous. It is the exposure to free radicals, as in this very uncanny way from salt, that is where we need to be careful.

We need to be extra mindful about the consumption of sodium. While it is perfectly great to get naturally occurring sodium in vegetables such as celery and tomatoes, and you might crave these vegetables in order to get that sodium. The real issue has been the food industry just infusing massive amounts of salt into practically any processed food that you may see on the shelves. Imagine the cumulative effect over a lifetime of eating even what we consider to be truly “health oriented” foods like Annie’s Soup or Pacific Foods soup or other prepared foods like these. These food companies all add soup as the easiest and cheapest way for you to consider that the food you are eating is good in taste.

The more salt, the less nitric oxide is produced. Sodium stiffens the arteries within minutes. The more salt, the more the arteries stiffen! The opposite effects are true with the consumption of potassium. Take everything we just said about sodium and flip it around! Potassium helps to relax vessels. Potassium, of course, is quite rich in most fruits as well as some vegetables. Some of the highest fruits and veggies in potassium include dark leafy greens, potatoes, squash, avocados, mushrooms and bananas!

To put a fine point on the need for a “salt” or “sodium” detox, there is evidence that lower salt consumption can lead to fewer heart attacks. You might wonder why this isn’t on the lead page of every health site and every news site online! It is because of the power of the food industry and its representative, the food lobby.

How much salt SHOULD you consume per day?

A good number to start with is anywhere from 1500mg to 2300mg total for the day. It is a bit difficult to track in all of your unprocessed foods but much easier in anything that comes with a label. When you begin to track your sodium, you will discover very quickly how it adds up.

I had been a big fan of Wildwood Sprouted Tofu which comes as baked toful as one of my main protein sources (These days I eat much less dense protein but that is a discussion for a different article) and it is absolutely laden with sodium, as much as 500-700mg per serving depending on the type of prepared baked tofu.

I also have concerns about the new exogenous ketone supplements. Some of these have 1300mg of sodium per package. Part of the reason they do is because people will tend to lose sodium when they are in ketosis. But what if that person does not achieve ketosis? Then they are seriously impairing their vessels for an outcome which is iffy at best from what I can tell. I would avoid these ketone supplements if you are concerned about sodium.

75% of dietary foods comes from processed foods. Remember that bread can also be a very high source of sodium laden food! Increase vegetables, fruit, beans and whole grains. For starches, instead of bread (unless you bake it yourself), consider delicious Yukon potatoes, butternut squash or yams or sweet potatoes. See if you can come out of your grocery or health food store with little or no packaged foods! It is an amazing and fun challenge. You CAN do it! And it is worth it.

In fact, it is SO worth it that researchers of a study about sodium consumption recently concluded that, “reducing dietary salt by 3g per day is projected to reduce the annual number of new cases of heart disease by approximately 60,000-120,000, stroke by 32,000-66,000 and myocardial infarction by 54,000 -99,000 and to reduce the annual number of deaths from any cause by 44,000-92,000. These are stunning statistics for the U.S. for doing just one thing: reducing sodium.

EnJOY a salt detox and get the benefits of healthy and happy circulation! It isn’t meant to completely eliminate salt from your diet. By all means, if you crave a pinch of sea salt, please enjoy it. When you eat a healthy plant-powered diet according to the foods you are craving, you will get all the sodium you need. And it will be well balanced with naturally occurring potassium in the foods!


Important research that this article was based on:

R J Suckling, F J He, N D Markandu, G A MacGregor. Dietary salt influences postprandial plasma sodium concentration and systolic blood pressure. Kidney Int. 2012 Feb;81(4):407-11.

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What are fractals?

“Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles and bark is not smooth nor does lightning travel in a straight line.” – Benoit Mandelbrot, who brought the use of fractals into mathematics and scientific applications. 

Fractals Universe

Fractals are mysterious and they are powerful. Meditating on an image of a fractal can take you deeper within yourself. That is because, well, you are a fractal! That is to say, everything within your physical body is based on fractal patterning. You can connect with the energy of coherence by this meditation, or simply studying a fractal. That is to say, you come more into alignment with yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. 

A fractal is a picture that tells the story of the process that created it. Fractals are found all over nature. We find the same patterns again and again, from the tiny branching of our blood vessels to neurons to the branching of the trees, lightning bolts and river networks.
Fractals In Human Lungs
Examples of fractals, which are similar and self-repeating patterns at their essence, are all over the human body. These include the neurons in our brain, the branches of the lungs starting with the lungs themselves, and then branching right down to the tiny alveoli where oxygen exchange occurs. 
The patterns of nature may seem haphazard or at times chaotic. However, they are nothing of the sort. Fractal patterns are present thought nature. These self repeating patterns are present in a tree (with its own exquisite branching system), within a lightning bolt and in all the movements of the ocean. It is an absolute fascinating study that ultimately takes us to a deeper meaning of ourselves. After all, the saying goes, “As above, so below. As within, so it is outside. As the universe, so the soul..” – Hermes Trismegistus
Mandelbrot Fractal Pattern
Mandelbrot Fractal Pattern
Benoit Mandelbrot brought the essence of fractals into mathematics. He was able to use a mathematic calculation which replicated the essence of a fractal, that is the self-repeating patterns. This equation has been used a myriad of times in scientific applications, computer program generation and much more. This was a relatively recent discovery, going back to about 1980. In fact, it was Mandelbrot’s son who came across the word fractus, meaning broken, fractional or irregular. He coined the word fractal. Though the idea of fractals in the form of self-similarity is an ancient one, it took Mandelbrot to give this concept a modern name that has really stuck. The concept of fractals makes sense when one considers all things in nature.
If you are a user of the Genius Insight App (, you can use the energy of fractals in your biofeedback balancing protocols. Use fractals in these instances:
1) When you want to heal something in the physical body. Fractals restore things to their perfect order. While nature lives by perfect patterning rules and order, a human being sometimes get things a little out of balance!
2) When you want to manifest something, like a business, a house, a song, an art project or anything like this. Following or meditating on fractal patterning puts you in connection with the perfect creative force of the universe!
3) At the beginning of any trip, project, or venture, introduce the energy of fractals. By aligning oneself with the frequency of fractals, the unfolding of the venture will be in alignment with perfect order and natural patterns.
A Romanesco is a fractal example
A Romanesco is a fractal example
To do this with your Genius Insight App: 
1) Do an initial scan at System Overview.
2) Scan the Biofield frequencies.
3) Scan Sacred Geometry.
4) Select Fractals and place it in the Main Hold Tray.
5) Test anything else that you like or place Custom Library affirmations also in the hold tray. These would be affirmations about your successful venture. Example, “I give thanks for the overflowing abundance and balance of $80,888 already in my checking account.” (Assuming that this is what you are trying to manifest) “I give thanks for the vision to create my perfect healing center and give thanks for its growing wonderful success and financial abundance.”
6) Place all desired items in the Main Hold Tray and set the timer for your desired time period.
7) Use the Progressive Insights for your desired time period by hitting the play button at the Main Hold Tray.
Fractals Picture
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Weight Release Script for Amazing Success


Weight Release Success

This is your script for weight release and attainment of a fit and healthy body. Use it daily by:

***Get this in a downloadable PDF form here***

  • Reading it out loud.
  • Singing it out loud to your own tune! Super powerful because the tones you choose will be meaningful.
  • Create each one as an affirmation in your Genius.
  • Create the entire script as one Neuro-Remedy or a few separate recordings as a Neuro Remedy (If you do not currently own the Genius, you can try your script with a 15 Day no CC required free trial. Go to


In this script, different topics are purposely interspersed among affirmations of perfection and manifestation.


Script 1:

I give thanks for the successful attainment of a fit and healthy body that has released excess weight, which is really excess energy.


I am now releasing weight.


I come into alignment with my inner being, which supports my optimal health and wellness and where I have already realized this.


I am now completely releasing any excess weight knowing it is safe to do so.


My thyroid is functioning perfectly and supports my weight release.


My metabolism is functioning perfectly and supports the weight loss all of my activities.

I take actions, both conscious and unconscious, each day that support the release of excess   weight 100% in terms of what is optimal for me.


I now support my most fit body and my most healthy body.


My adrenal glands are functioning perfectly in every way and are generating an abundance of energy and contribute to my healthy metabolism.


I completely support weight release in my body.


My cortisol levels are perfectly supported and are more robust in the morning and then are lower at night to support sleep, rest and rejuvenation.


All of my cells are pulsating with tremendous energy and generating the optimal amount of ATP for a powerful metabolism.


I now allow my body to become the most perfect and ideal weight for myself I am now taking action conscious and unconscious to do movement physical movement to support my weight.


I now release any blockages I have towards doing daily movement and embrace healthy exercise.


Script 2:

To support this perfect weight release, my hypothalamus, pituitary gland , adrenal , thyroid and reproductive organs are working together in perfect harmony and cooperation.


My glands and hormones are all functioning in perfect concert and produce the correct amounts at the proper time.


I am so grateful for the fit body I’m already attained I am feeling so joyful about being able to move around in the world in a fit and healthy body.


I take all actions conscious and unconscious in order to promote a fit healthy body that takes delight in being in the world.


I now consciously program my DNA should be in perfect cooperation in every way for mentally physically emotionally and even in the fascia to support healthy weight release.


My digestive system, including my liver and gallbladder all work together to perfectly support weight release and the attainment of a fit and healthy body.


I give thanks now that this fit and healthy body has already arrived and I am celebrating being in it now.


Script 3


I carry myself in a way that shows that this weight release has already arrived.  I acknowledge that at any point, my body is perfectly acceptable and wonderful just as it is.


I give thanks for my digestion, my stomach acid, my liver, my gallbladder and my pancreas that are all working perfectly in order to powerfully digest my food and make the most of my energy and perfect metabolism.


My appetite is now adjusting itself perfectly to take in the correct amount of calories. I now release craving and excess of food.


I now enjoy every bite that I eat and I each bit I eat supports my weight loss.

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Delicious Winter Broth for Ultimate Health!

brothWhat is the best strategy to eat for health in the colder weather? Avoid: rich foods such as dairy including yogurt and cheese. These foods are hardest to digest in cold weather. Avoid: cooling foods such as melon, watermelon and chilled beverages. These cool the body excessively. Increase: warm foods, starchy vegetables like carrots and potatoes, drink warm tea during the day and consume broths by the gallon! Nourishment taken in the form a healthy soup or broth is easier to digest, warming to the system and because of the nature of the long brewing or cooking time, the food tends to be easier to digest. This practice supports the spleen energy and the Triple Warmer meridian.

Please enjoy a recipe I use often as it is super simple and you can change it up as you wish:

2 quarts of water (or enough to fill a soup pot)

4 chopped organic yellow or red medium potatoes, chopped into chunks

6 stalks of celery (chopped)

3-5 carrots (sliced into large chunks)

3 yellow or orange beets (sliced) Red beets are OK but use just 1 or it has a stronger taste

3 leaves of kale (stems removed and chopped)

1 inch of ginger chopped, chopped or grated

1 inch of fresh turmeric, chopped or grated (optional)

Dash of cayenne

Sea salt to taste

Other optional items: Chopped garlic, shitake mushrooms and any other spices you may enjoy.

Directions: In a large soup pot, bring water to a boil. Add chopped potatoes and simmer for about 20 minutes. Now add all other ingredients and continue to simmer for up to 1 hour. Turn heat off and serve when ready! You may want to add cayenne. It is an incredibly simple and delicious way to stay healthy all winter! Enjoy!

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My root canal journey

womanachingtoothFor those of you who have had a consultation with me, you know that dental infections are one of the most important considerations in considering the root cause of chronic illness.

I do consider root canals to be one of the things that you need to be concerned about if you want to be truly healthy and have health and longevity. Additionally, I would recommend you have any mercury fillings removed and you may need to have the area where wisdom teeth were extracted checked for cavitations. It does not mean automatic removal of the tooth. It means learning about how to assess the tooth properly and what to do if you are going to keep the tooth as well as what to do if an extraction is appropriate.

What exactly is a root canal and why is it done?


If you have an infection in your tooth that goes on long enough, eventually that infection can spread into the root of the tooth. When the infection becomes severe enough, a dentist will tell you that nothing can further be done for the tooth other than a root canal.

If you have a root canal done, an opening is made in the tooth and the diseased tooth pulp is removed. The roots that have been opened in order to remove the disease-filled pump are filled with gutta-percha material and sealed off with cement. All done, right? If you have had a root canal procedure, your journey may just be starting.


Most dentists will tell you that a root canal procedure is perfectly safe. However, what happens after the root canal is done? Does the tooth remain perfectly sanitized and free of infection? If it becomes infected, will you know? The answer is no, you most likely will never know if a root canal tooth becomes infected. That is because this now “dead” tooth is no longer able to give you feedback (pain) when oxygen flow is lost or when infection sets in. You basically have dead tissue inside the tooth. Can we really expect this not to be a focus on infection in the future? Have dentists, even mainstream dentists, ever had concerns about root canals? The answer is yes, they have. And you have to go way back to see them clearly vocalized, because today’s dentist leaves him or herself open to criticism from the dental board in the state that person practices in.

However, if we go back to 1922 (yes, almost 100 years ago!), we can read about something truly fascinating. This article is from the California State Journal of Medicine and was written by a dentist, Dr. Robert Burns, Jr. I will be referring to excerpts of this fascinating article throughout this post. Dr. Burns information is so startling because of its incredible relevance in the field of medicine and health today.

“Diseased health and their surrounding tissues are often factors in ill health. Physicians frequently fail to utilize this fact in diagnosis and treatment…Back in 1840 when the dentist, Chapin Harris, sought to interest the medical men of Baltimore in the establishment of a course in dentistry in the medical school was flatly rejected.”

Isn’t it amazing to think that there is not more training in dentistry for the general medical doctor? It is not so that they can perform corrective dental treatments. It is to educate them about the intimate connection between their patients’ state of dental health and the health conditions for which they may be seeking medical attention. Today, doctors who seek to truly help their patients must understand that a cavitation from a wisdom tooth extraction, a root canal that could have an active infection unknown to the patient, or any other chronic source of dental infection could be profoundly impacting their patients’ health. The health of the teeth should be a standard part of any medical history taken. However, it is typically not. It is both difficult for the MD to consider the teeth as part of the picture and for the dentist to see that the condition of the mouth also must be considered in the context of all other health conditions. Since this is not likely to happen any time soon, it is good to educate yourself on the connection and to begin to draw your own conclusions!

A required and ethical practice in any form of primary care is called “informed consent”. I am pretty sure you will agree with me after reading this information that the vast majority of dentists and endodontists do not give proper informed consent for a root canal procedure. If they did, I think the majority of people would opt out of them.

However, losing a tooth is not something to take lightly. Dentists certainly can be credited with the good intention of wanting to save a tooth. What we really need is a way we can never have a tooth advance to the point of needing a root canal. This has to do with proper mineralization of the teeth, removal of chronic infections from the body which drain minerals, consuming proper fats, taking care of methylation and detoxification issues and much more.

If you find you are dealing with a chronic tooth infection, try the following first and see if you can begin to reverse the infection:

  • Do oil pulling for 15 minutes per day with cold-pressed sesame oil or coconut oil.
  • In the oil or at a separate time, use 1 drop of Thieves oil massaged over gums for 1-2 minutes.
  • Consider a very diluted MMS mix. If you are not familiar with MMS, please read about it online.
  • Use ozonated olive oil and 1 drop of Thieves oil (from Young Living Oil) in the mouth and gums.
  • Check out our Mafactive Toothpaste with Zeolite
  • Use a cold laser or a scalar laser to help to eliminate the infection.
  • Use systemic immune support like Vitamin C, Echinacea, Burdock and others to keep your immune system strong.

If you can reverse the infection and eliminate the need for the root canal, this is truly the best solution. First, preserve the tooth with the nerve! That means, the infection must be reversed before the “point of no return”. Even if you have been told you have no choice but to do a root canal, you should try the above to see if you can remedy the infection. There is some controversy here, so if you are in pain and feel you can not go further without root canal or extraction, then by all means please respect the signals of pain! At this juncture, you will need to decide. I will have to encourage you at this point to consider extraction. However, let’s continue to understand more about the mouth, the teeth and the nature of infections and what to expect and what to do if you decide to do the extraction.

Dr. Burns continues: “In consideration of oral pathology, particularly with reference to systemic sequelae, I desire to lay special stress upon the fact that a tooth is no more nor less than bone – highly specialized bone – hence possibly a little more prone to disease and that with its investing tissues as it rests in its alveolus, we have represented a joint – no more, no less. An appreciation of this fact may help make clear why one of the most common results of peri-dental infection is an impairment of some other joint in the body.” What does this mean exactly? Do you experience arthritis anywhere in the body. Yep, look no further than the possibility that the dental infections are related to those painful knees.

What Dr. Burns says next is shocking!

The sole blood supply of the bulk of the tooth proper, the dentin, is received by minute arteries passing into the root canal through the apex through which also passes its innervation. The blood is returned through a complete venous system that contains lymphatic tissue. When pulp is removed from a tooth its dentin becomes dead dentin in the same sense that bone in which the corpuscles have been killed is necrosed bone. Thus, when a dentist “kills the nerve” of a tooth, we have a dead tooth.” We have dead tissue in an area where you can no longer sense pain from the infection due to removal of the nerve. And the this dead tissue is in an area highly susceptible to infection. As Dr. Burns stated almost 100 years ago, “These facts explain why 80 percent of dead teeth are infected.” He knew back then that 80% of these procedures would lead to infection. Why is it then, that even today, both doctors and dentists will assure that a root canal is a safe procedure and a viable one for saving your tooth? It just does not match up with what we know about the physiology of the tooth.

Dr. Burns submits to us the following: “When the nerve is killed we have absolutely destroyed beyond recovery all blood and nerve supply to the dentin and the granular layer and we now prevent any possibility any collateral circulation. I propose to you every dead tooth may be a potential source of danger and it in the presence of symptoms should be surgically removed.”

Should all root canals be surgically removed? What should you do if you have a root canal? I want to walk you through the following:

  • What should you do if you have a root canal?
  • What images help you to assess root canals and cavitations (this may happen where an extraction has taken place).
  • Can thermal imaging (thermography) help you in determining if a root canal is an issue or not?
  • If you have an extraction, what should you do next?
  • What are the best materials for an implant?
  • What is the best way to reverse an infection?
  • How and why should you use a laser for your teeth?
  • What really causes the tooth to lose minerals and become susceptible to infection?
  • How can monophosphate be helpful to making the tooth impervious to infections.
  • How do imbalances of the pituitary and the hypothalamus cause your teeth to drink IN infections instead of repelling bacteria?
  • What are some of the most powerful tools and daily regimens in keeping the tooth healthy.
  • Why you should immediately toss ANY toothpaste containing glycerin in the trash NOW!
  • Should you request your dentist use ozone and if so, when and how often?

I will be answering these questions!!! Please join me for 2 live classes in the series, “Keeping Your Teeth Wildly Healthy and Infection-FREE for life.” I will give you urgently important information that you can begin to use RIGHT NOW to keep your teeth healthy for life.

Yes, I want the very latest and empowering information for healthy teeth for life!

NOTE: If you have the Genius Biofeedback App, you will receive special NEW panels on Dental Health and a protocol for balancing your teeth on a regular basis!

These 2 webinars will take place on:

Tuesday, December 6th at 5pm Pacific and the following Tuesday, December 13th at 5pm Pacific.

All classes are recorded and sent directly to your email. You can access these for up to 90 days after the last class!

To join us for this MUST-KNOW information and my very latest research, click here:

Yes, I want the very latest and empowering information for healthy teeth for life!